Monday, February 6, 2012

Chef of the Week Started

It started to look for a great blogger online though I am not great in cooking. For me this is only job but now this work is making me really interested in cooking and blogging. I only cook simple foods that is locally collected from my mothers recipe box, now I can taste other kind of delectable food from the people that I never met before I only know them online, reading their blogs inspired on each story behind it. Chef of the Week almost 1 year running online from rank 0 we are now rank 3 and hoping to climb more.
I become a fan of bloggers naming some of them:
Nami of Just one cookbook
Catherine Papa of The Living the Gourmet
Ann Low of Ancoo Journal
and many to mention bloggers that is already featured on the site, but we can still feature them in the future...

Today the new Chef of the Week is lucky because this is the first time that I feature the chef of the week on my blog in my very first post.

The Chef of the week from Feb 6-12 is Berry Happy Bodies

The blogger goal is to provide you with recipes to refuel a workout or just to nurture your body throughout the day, along with some wellness or rehabilitation tips. It also gives a creative outlet to occasionally sprinkle some life thoughts into the mix.

Shared the following recipe:
  Slow Cooker Lasagna                       

Apple Graham Cake

There are many recipes the blogger shared on the site you can try and look at 


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